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1st May 2021

Well it looks like we are coming out of the Pademic and we thought it would be great idea to have a new look website. So, here it is! We hope you like it. We think it's very modern! Anyhow - There's lots of talk about new shows in new venues and also chat about whether old venues can open and can use Chris. The industry as a whole has taken a bit of a battering and obviously cash is tight for venue owners. Drag Queens do cost money and it may take a little time for them to get their feet back on the ground. The best thing is to keep checking in on the site and we will give you all the details as soon as we can.
In the meantime we have two definate, confirmed residencies for you to go and see. Sunday afternoons at the Bridge in Blackpool is a new idea. Entry is free. However if you spend £15 on a ticket you get a savoury and sweet snack box, a ticket for the bingo with a £100 jackpot and three hours of entertainment from Chris and Linda Matthews. If you opt for the £40 ticket you get two hours of unlimited Pink Gin and Fizz - Now that can't be bad can it? We hope the show is total success and hope you can support the Bridge and Chris. Straight after that 2-7pm at Garlands (Formerly the Imperial) At Talbot Road, Blackpool - Chris is back on stage with her own show. Naturally we are keeping an eye on what the Government says about Social Disctancing. So we don't know yet whether any of the fabulous games can be played or not. You will need to check the venue's Facebook Page to see what the latest info is.
Chris hopes that you have all survived the lurgy and looks forward to seeing you all soon.....


15th August 2020

We hope that you like the new website. We have been working away on it for a while. It should be a while lot easier to navigate around. We've kept all the popular pages and features. We are also bringing you up to date with all the shows that you can catch Chris D'Bray performing in. Fridays at the George Tavern in Oldham. The show as it was is postponed until the Covid thing has calmed down. However Chris will be chatting to you all and having a camp up. The Manchester Centre Stage on Saturdays is currently on hold for the same reason.  Sundays sees Chris return to  Blackpool at Garlands, which is the brand new bar formerly known as the Imperial on Talbot road. Chris returns on August 23rd for Play Your Cards Shite -  All the times are on the flyers which can all be enlarged. Directions for the venues can be found here


1st December 2020

Christmas  starts with CHRIS D'BRAY.  We can confirm that Chris D'Bray will be appearing live in person at the George Tavern in Oldham on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Details are on the posters which can  be enlarged by clicking on them.

30th November 2019

Now more and more people have the chance to see Chris as the show is now in three separate towns! Fridays are in the little picturesque hamlet of  Oldham. At the George Tavern on George Street in the town centre. The  show starts at 9pm and runs until 1 in the morning.  Saturdays continue  to go from strength to strength at the Centre Stage in Manchester's  LGBTQi+ area 3-9pm and Sundays have proved to be popular at the Imperial  in Blackpool. Not to be confused with the hotel that Mrs Thatcher  stayed in, the Imperial is a bar in the town centre on  Talbot Road.  That show with games, fun and camp starts at 3-7pm. Chris hopes you can  make it to some of the shows.
A word about  Blackburn. Chris has nothing but good memories of the punters that he met in the year that Chris performed at the White Bull. Chris hopes that clients from the White Bull can make a trip to one of the venues to catch up! He'd like to say a kind word to the managment. He'd like to.....

25th February 2019

It was a shame that the owners of the Falstaff in Southport didn't feel able to carry on in the venue for any longer. It meant that the town was  deprived of a Wednesday night rave up with our Chris. Churchill's in  Manchester is owned by the same man and such was his faith in Chris D'Bray that after the Falstaff closed, he wanted to install Chris as  main star on the venue on Wednesday nights. The bar is situated on the  corner of Chorlton Street and Canal Street in the heart of the gay village. Many had felt that the gay village had lost some of its buzz on  midweek nights. We know our Chris will do everything in his power to  make the night the best and most attended venue of the week! Get  yourself and your friends to Churchills and support Chris and this great  party night.

16th February 2019 - THE NEW FALSTAFF

The  management at the New Falstaff have decided to close their new venture  just a few weeks after opening. It is not an easy time for the pub  industry at the moment and they felt that Southport were not getting  behind the LGBT venture. The bar itself was a stunning venue and  everyone had high hopes for its success. Chris' nights proved to be  popular, but a pub needs to be busy seven nights a week. It's sad that  the pub didn't last - BUT - our Chris had already a new show lined up.  He is also having a meeting this weekend with a certain someone to bring  the show to another venue - as they say, watch this space.....


Chris  D'Bray wanted to make a statement after it came to light on Saturday  after a rather peevish comment was relayed to him. The rumour was that  Chris had been sacked from The Imperial. It may seem trivial, but to a  person who is rightly protective of their reputation - it mattered a  lot. Chris would like to set the record straight. The Imperial was  making slow progress with rising numbers. Sadly the roadworks directly  in front of the venue did hamper progress. In any case, Chris was happy  with the gig. When Chris was discussing a new job offer in another town  he was told by text that that the show time was to be changed. Chris was  not available to do the Imperial job at the new time and so he decided  that he would bow out. There was no discussion, no argument and  certainly no dismissal. Chris wanted to state that he has never been  sacked from any job he has ever worked on. The owner of the Imperial,  Matthew and his partner, actually came to see Chris at his launch night  at the Sir John Falstaff. They remain friends and Chris wishes Matthew  and his company nothing but the very best. He hopes that the Imperial  goes from strength to strength.

February 2nd 2019

At the opening of the New Falstaff in Southport  last night. Chris hosted the packed out event with cabaret provided by  the legend that is Hazell Dean. The two entertainers have known each  other for many years. Steve Paulden a friend of both also attended the  launch night party. A great time was had by all.

February 1st 2019
Great  News!! Chris is now headliniing at Southport twice weekly. On  Wednesdays The Sir John Falstaff in the town centre will host an LGBTQ  Night. This is experiemental and it is hoped that the event will become a  permanent fixture. All Chris D'Bray fans should support the night that  commences at 8pm through until 12 Mindight  We wish the Sir John Falstaff  the very best of luck in their new venture. Saturday night in the same  venue will feature a late night appearance from Chris from 10:30pm until  1am. This appearance follows on from the Centre Stage show in  Manchester that remains unchanged..

Chris  will star in a new show at the Bridge Inn, Lytham Road Blackpool from  February 1st. 2019. The show will start at 8pm and run until 12:30 The  large, welcoming venue is ideal for Chris' brand of firebrand humour and  music. There's a strong chance that you will see some cabaret numbers  too. Fun and games galore are instore. There is already a buzz at the  venue after Chris stormed the place with a one off show in 2018. He is  back for the full year and we know you will want to support the club  and, of course, our Chris!

As 2019 kicks off make sure you join Chris at the Centre Stage in Manchester's famous Gay Villlage. Every Saturday - 6 'til 9pm

(Photograph removed at the request of R.G Stafford)

Chris  has asked me to mention that he would like to pay respect to Julia   Grant who passed away this morning. Julia was the subject of a massive   documentary in the 1970s that saw her M to F transition from her home  in  Blackpool and later in London. She re emerged in the 1980s in   Manchester and opened a bar in Manchester's gay village. Chris was her   first choice as star DJ. They worked together for quite some time and   had lots of laughs as well as a few tears. Julia was an important part   of Chris' life and she will never be forgotten. I'm sure many of you   will know of Julia, even if you didn't know her personally, her   reputation preceeded her! Chris would like you to raise a glass for   Julia - a pioneer and a legend!


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