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Sadly the ridiculoulsy good looking bird on the  banner above is not the Webmaster.  In fact he is just a middle aged man who lives in Blackpool. A slightly posher suburb just outside the town is home to him and his beloved office. He is married not only to his long suffering husband, but to his computers, tablets and tech equipment. His lover is Photoshop. If anyone is reading this - Of course you're not, you are hear to read about the D'Bray witch. But should anyone stumble on this page and need a graphic artist then read on.
I work with lots of businesses, designing logos - posters and flyer, websites, basically anything that requires a graphic. I supply videos - The sorts of ones that are on screen in a GP surgery telling you to have a flu jab. Much funkier ones I create for bars telling punters that DJ so and so is working Thursdays and Nicki French is appearing live this Saturday.
I work making video presentations for stage productions to run in time with the show on stage as well as celebration videos that are often shown  at Birthday Parties where friends and family send messages from Australia saying they are sorry they can't make it. They have lots of special effects to make them look good. In fact, it is often a shame when the family member is actually in the staff room waiting to surprise the family.
Finally I can help restore your damaged photographs. Improve the quality of them, remove scratches, creases and even turn a black and white picture into a colour one. I can make a fat person thin on picture, get the subject to be stood in front of the Taj Mahal instead of in front of a council house in Preston. Get rid of red eye, spots, wrinkles, change the colour of clothes and remove that annoying person who photobombed your favourite picture or the dog having a dump on the grass next to your wedding photo. Brochure and leaflet designs are always welcome,
I am able to design your wedding invites, or Birthday ones, Certificates or joke pictures for cards.
When it comes to printing I have some  of the best contacts that there are. I can get the best deals for your print work on high quality laser printed paper. Be it glossy or matt. Not only that, but I can organise printing on banners to any size for outside use. I can arrange printing on any size paper from A6 right through to the largest A1. Double side printing can be arranged as can brochures.
Photobooks can also be provided - CD Cover Design, DVD Cover Design, Album Artwork, Calendars, and all those novelty printing needs. I pretty much guarantee the best price.
Oh - and if you think this website is pretty decent and I must say that it looks mighty fine myself - AND you want one doing for your business, I can give you a site that can handle online sales, flash content, video, audio and all manner of special effects and colours.
I currently maintain lots of websites - from chart topping music artists -  a coffee business, bars, hotels, comedians, therapists, hotels, right through to a waste removal company.
Get in touch if there is anything I can for you.I look forward to hearing from you. Give me a call - I don't bite. Or click the sign to email me!

Adam Nolan

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