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2016 brought a whole new concept to Chris D'Bray: 'CDBTV'. As the name implies this is Chris'  own TV channel. We have worked to bring you funny content and we are  pleased with the results. These shows have brought to life even more the  characters of Mitchell, Athena, and Tarquin Keanu, not to mention Chris  D'Bray's idle, useless husband Jack. For the first time Chris D'Bray's followers who have tuned into read "My thoughts" have had a glimpse into  the D'Bray household. Expect to hear stories direct from the bitch's  own mouth as she tells you the story of the comings and going on Ration  Row. Episodes are not at set times due to Chris' own busy schedule, but  please subcribe to the channel and look out for new shows. To visit the  channel simply click on the image below.

By the way, some of the characters you may hear about include;

Tarquin  Keanu, Athena, Mitchell - Chris' children. Mitchell is gay, Athena is  the middle child and Tarquin Keanu, who Chris doesn't like
Jack - Idle Husband
Tripod - Athena's partner - A Hell's Angel from the Wigan Chapter (More of a paragraph really)
Joanie Pollitt - Chris' best friend and next door neighbour.
Warwick Glover - Mitchell's on off boyfriend. Works as a Travel Agent
Esme  Glover - Warwick's Mother, a single parent since her husband died when  Esme pulled his dialysis machine plug out to hoover the bedroom
Morag  McDowell - Neighbour and widow. Chris doesn't like Morag very much. Her  house is shabby and she cleans for Audrey Litherland
Audrey Litherland - woman with posh accent who lives on the street. Chris likes her even less than Morag
Meena and Ravi Patel - Owners of the Spar
Cora - Owner of the Crest Of The Wave Chip Shop
Bobby Isherwood / Usherwood - Owner of Isherwood's Stores - Local spiv who sells knock off cigs and Vodka Name changes depending who is asking
Phyllis Hollow / Mertyl Clegg - Lesbian dentist and her Magistrate partner who works at the slaughter house
Gay Adrian - Steward at the British Legion
Concepta Aziz - Chris' Sister married to Asif they have two children (Jusinta and Tariq)
Eunice D'Bray - Third rate Sister recently sectioned under the mental health act
Ethel Shagnasty - Former friend and prostitute
Blodwyn D'Bray  - Cousin from Wales
Enid & Bessie - Twin sisters on the street in their 90s
Dr F.A Goode - Local GP
Justin - Chiropodist.
Sylvia Leech - Local Hairstylist (Short sighted) - When all else fails Reach for the Leech with the bleach.

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